When in need of a laugh….

There have been times lately when I’ve really needed something to lift my mood. Sometimes I haven’t even realised it, until I clicked through to one of the profiles I follow on Instagram and then spent a while (far too long a while when I’m trying to be productive) laughing my way through clips. The profile? @ThisMorning and any of the clips with @Schofe and @hollywilloughby or @alisonhammond55. I defy anyone to listen to Alison’s laugh and not feel their mood lift (it also helps that she reminds me of one of my oldest friends).

The other mood lifter is the recently discovered podcast of Chris and Rosie Ramsay ‘Sh**gged Married Annoyed’. Pure class and results in me having a very smiley-faced dog walk. And probably a number of people wondering wtf I’m smiling at!

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