My perfect start to the day

Five years ago, my perfect start to the day (I’m talking week-end here) looked a little different to what it does now. It would probably have been when my three children were staying at their dad’s and would have meant that I could stay in bed with a cup of tea, have my breakfast in bed and just take the day at a very slow pace. The curtains would probably have been closed and I wouldn’t have a clue what the world was looking like. I may even have been hungover.

My children no longer stay at their dad’s and haven’t for two years now. But they are all getting older and like to sleep in the mornings. Sometimes, however, my greyhound doesn’t like to sleep past 6.30am and sometimes, like today, my mind wakes me up at 6 o’clock thinking about a presentation I have to give next week.

So my perfect morning today looks like this: I’m sat in my living room with a lovely, strong and hot cup of tea; greyhound is heavy breathing over on the other sofa; my curtains are open and I can see a beautiful blue sky; despite the doors being closed, I can still hear bird song because the rest of the house is so still; and I can see a part of my developing garden: herbs, strawberry plants (not quite there, but hopefully will bear fruit), clematis, jasmine, a new patio and the fence panels I (lovingly) painted. It makes it all feel like it’s going to be a good day.

My point of the post is this: I have turned the negative of getting up early into a positive by sitting and appreciating the world around me. It is calming my mind. It is putting my head in a good space for the day. Sometimes, life is so busy that we forget to stop and ‘just be’.

What is your perfect start to the day?

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