Welcome to the ride

Hello. I’m not sure how you will have stumbled upon my blog, but welcome! I’m new to this so be kind. Please. I’m not here to start debates; I don’t want to write and feel that someone might take what I’m saying the wrong way; I just simply have too many thoughts whirling in my head and have decided to share. 

I suppose my entire blog is About Me and all the boxes I do and don’t see myself fitting into. But I don’t want to tick boxes any more, or feel that I have to conform to a certain expectation. I just want to be me, accept myself for who I am (not always easy) and be accepted by others (again, not always easy – in my mind at least).

Who am I? Well, I’m nearly in my mid-forties. And that will probably do for now. Oh, and I live in the UK. 

If you read something and think, “That sounds just like me!” then leave a comment and let me know. It would be nice to know that I’m not alone! 

Hope to see you again soon 😊